“One day, you’ll see why God made you wait. Trust Him.”

It’s a quote from a reel sound on instagram but it has so much meaning. Two and a half years ago I was confronted by my landlord (who also happened to be my high school friend’s dad & an awesome person), Mike. He asked me if I would be interested in opening a salon in a building he bought. After a few months, a pandemic, the death of my sister, and the phrase “you aren’t promised tomorrow” seared into my brain, I said yes.

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO & neither did he. Mike and I sat down and came up with a plan on how to make this happen. Little did we know, permits, construction, and all of the things that you don’t think about when dreaming about white walls, plants and camel leather shampoo bowls, came up. It was more than we could handle at the time so we had to part ways on our venture.

God had a plan though. My husband, Austin and I, were introduced to some amazing people who wanted to pour into the Fredericktown community and help us out. With nothing but faith we jumped in head first with our new investors. We started from scratch. Long story short, when you ask God to make it happen the right way with the right people, in the right time, just know it might be harder than you expect BUT more miraculous than you thought possible. 

Just to name a few miracles that happened after getting on my knees and giving our salon to God

  • Donated shampoo bowls
  • A building that just happened to going up for sale & the business owners in the building just ready to retire
  • A Berky water filter that just happened to not be needed any longer
  • Vintage Salon chairs at a killer price! 
  • A divine team sent from God 

And that’s not even the half of it. While it has been a long two years and counting at the time I write this, it has taught me so much about patience. 

Waiting for good things is a good thing. Waiting seasons aren’t for waiting. They are for preparing. As I wait for the salon to open, and to be a leader, an owner, a business woman, I opened my heart up for change. This waiting season has taught me discipline, organization, PATIENCE, hope, and power. 

While I wish I could say I was a disciplined person, that would make me feel great about myself, I am still learning. But I’ve come a long way from nothing. Growing in your waiting season will take discipline. Keeping your promises, even to yourself. Opening up to the idea that you actually can do the thing that you set your mind to. Now you just have to be willing to do the hard thing. I have a long ways to go in this area but I have learned so much and I am excited to see where God takes me from here. 

Organization.. this is another area that I can improve on, but man. You should have seen our tiny apartment when we first got married. It was crazy. Now I have cute little trays that I store my tea bags in by type (fruity, earthy, minty, etc). Organizing your life will look different for each person but my best friend in this aspect is my calendar. When I actually began to put EVERYTHING in it, it changed me! I just use my calendar on my phone, but use whatever works best for you. Before I go to bed, or when I wake up, depending on the day, I try to intentionally brain dump onto a piece of paper. I just get everything out of my brain. Then I look at what tasks and things are most important. I circle them and then put them into my calendar for the next day or two. This helps me ensure that I am achieving my goals and stewarding my home as well as I can. I 10/10 recommend the brand dump and calendar method! 

When I hope for something, I see it in my mind so clearly. Ask me to draw out for you what I see when I see the salon and you’ll be able to see it too! The dream is so big. I’ve always been pretty hopeful but when my world was ripped out form under me, I felt like all hope was gone. There was no reason to keep moving. Until the Lord showed me that purpose that could come from my pain. Even though it might not be “enough” for me, or what I wanted my life to be, the IMPACT available is worth it. When I hope for the impact of what we are doing at Helia Salon, the grief is less painful. When I dream of the future of our business, our life, and the women that have been touched by it, I know that the pain had a purpose. There will be beauty from ashes. 

Power is a crazy thing. When people sing that song “There is power in the name of Jesus” I don’t think they REALLY know what they are saying. The power in the Holy Spirit is REAL. Your WORDS have POWER. The things you think, say, do, and believe in your soul have POWER. You, as a human being, can access power to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Yes I know this is a blog on a salon website. What am I doing talking about Jesus and demons?
One of our core values here at Helia Salon + Wellness is to “Increase the Kingdom of Heaven.” I know that’s bold but this business wouldn’t be happening without the favor of the Lord and I will not sit by and let that go unrecognized. 

Patience is what you have when you enjoy the process of waiting. When you can acknowledge that your waiting season is meant for change and growth. Patience is knowing that your wait is a learning opportunity. 

I’ll end with this. I have a friend who is one of the best moms I know. When her child acts out or makes a poor decision, she has patience. She will not tolerate her child being disrespectful, but she will take the opportunity to teach respect. She will not tolerate lies, but will take the opportunity to teach truth. She will not tolerate aggression but will take the opportunity to teach gentleness. She will not tolerate the yelling & demands but will take the opportunity to teach patience. When you wait, you can learn. When you learn and grow while you wait, you have practiced patience. 

One day, you’ll see why God made you wait, trust Him. 

I hope you pulled something from this. I know it felt good to get it all out. Head on over to insta and let me know your thoughts on waiting. I’d love to hear from you! Go to instagram.com/devasjourney and shoot me a DM!Thanks for reading along, see you on the sunny side!

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