Where are you located?

currently at Main Culture Salon in Bellville but will be moving to Helia Salon in Fredericktown this summer!  

How much will my appointment cost?

Each appointment varies and is customized per client. For my starting prices on lived in color, check out my Investment page

Do You take photos at each appointment?

If we have time, I try to document as much as possible to spread the word of what we have to offer! I love having a mini photoshoot for my clients!
Don't worry, we won't share your images without your permission! 

How Does Payment Work?

I take cash, check, or card. Whichever is best for you!

How Do I Book You?

Schedule your consultation here and I will book the appointment for you!  

What Happens If You Cancel my service?

If/when an emergency comes up, & I have to move your appointment, you will get a 48 hour notice if possible. and we will reschedule you asap!

If I am unable to give 48 hour notice, you will receive a $25 credit towards your service. your appointment that's rescheduled asap!

What if i Cancel my appointment?

I understand people get sick, cars break down or babysitters fall through. So I am always understanding, but I do, however, have a policy to protect my income. 

Do you have a shadowing program!

Check out my shadowing options here! 

Will You Photoshop me?

No. I might adjust the light settings in some photos to get a quality representation of what the hair looks like in person, but I will not photoshop imperfections. You are perfectly imperfect and I am perfectly happy with your perfect imperfections.
(Unless you have a monstrous zit & want it smoothed out, but never without your permission)

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

Your safety is my number one priority, so if the roads are unsafe to drive on (or there is a random natural disaster occurrence) your appointment will be rescheduled. 

What Do We Wear To Our appointment?

Whatever you feel most confident in! You will have photos and video taken of you (with your permission) Sooo if you would like my recommendations, I suggest wearing neutrals or colors that flatter your skin tone! Black and white are great too! Check out my client outfit pinterest board if you're that worried!

Do You Offer Discounts?

Not usually but sometimes I may offer a promotion for a free deep condition or a free product set! 

How long are appointments?

Each appointment is different. Be sure to ask during your consultation so you can block enough time out in your schedule for me to serve you well! 

Do you offer bridal servcies?

I do not do bridal, but I have some great recommendations! Don't be afraid to shoot me an email and ask! 

What if i dont know what i want done?

Schedule a consultation call with me and put in the notes that you are unsure. I would love to help you determine which service/color & hair health routine is right for you!