a salon focused on healing AND beauty. 
an uplifting environment. 
a safe space for you and your kids. 
clean products, community, and nurturing.

we believe that each system of your body is connected to the other and that impacts the work we do

holistic salon

color can not be non toxic unfortunately. HOWEVER, all of our hair care and styling products are non toxic or fall under our 80/20 rule. 80% non toxic and 20% the other stuff. 

non toxic

Either take the break you desperately need from the kiddos, or bring them with you! We have some toys and food coloring free snacks available! 


You're tired of feeling burnt out

You'd love some community 

You try your best to pick the "healthy" stuff 

You want help finding cleaner products to use at home

You Might Be our Client If:

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to inspire confidence in our stylists and customers with a holistic atmosphere, nurturing services, and community events so that they'll have a healthier, connected and more fulfilled life. 

the mission

She was a 17 year old virtuous woman. Leah took time to enjoy little things. She found so much beauty in something people would deem insignificant. Such as a dandelion or an old piece of furniture. Leah was lost to a car accident in September of 2020. Though her death a tragedy, her legacy lives on through the lives of her friends, family, and  Helia Salon and Wellness.

Helia Salon + Wellness was inspired by the life of Leah Staton

Helia Salon + Wellness was inspired by the life of
Leah Staton

how we got here

So our goal as a salon? 

To help other’s find that beauty within themselves. You are not insignificant.