Now I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious…… yes yes, it’s me Deva again today. & I do love The Office. 

As I was researching the name Helia late on November 15th I was getting so excited. Everything I read I loved. I’ve been obsessed with greek mythology since I was little and have recently learned so much about God’s design for the sun, moon and the stars. The sky and the expanse are so beautiful. 

It was getting late and I wanted to get to bed soon but it had been 3 days of unsettled sleep because I knew we needed to change the name and I still wasn’t set on anything. You know how google will autofill what it thinks you’re going to type in? Like 

WellI went to type in Helia and google finished it with -nthus…. Helianthus… I thought “what is that word? It looks framiliar.”

In case you didn’t know, when my sister, Leah, passed away in 2020, around the same time I began the journey of opening a salon, sunflowers became the thing that symbolized her life. I’ll be honest, I got tired of seeing them. They started to remind me of death, trauma, tragedy. I had a hard time seeing their beauty. Until late into the evening the day before Leah’s birthday, google finished my search with Helianthus… I just began to cry. I knew immediately that Helia was our new salon name & it meant so so much to me. I called my sister, Sarah, to tell her the news. 

As we celebrate this new beginning, the new vision and greater mission that just seems so clear now, I hope you join us! I hope you get excited about what is coming to Fredericktown Ohio. I hope you see what we see. I hope you are prepared for the joy that is about to spill out of our doors! Don’t miss out on updates and news about our construction, grand opening party, and more! Follow us, 

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