Your hair, nails, bones, teeth & skin all thrive when you are supporting your body well. By supporting your body I don’t mean eating salads and doing a HIIT workout everyday. Society has taught us that “healthy” is a spinach salad for breakfast lunch and dinner & hitting the gym everyday. While spinach is great for you & exercise is important, no, necessary, we have lost true nourishment. 

Due to a lack of nourishment, our hair is falling out or breaking off, our teeth are softening, our skin is aging or breaking out, & nails are brittle. Some of the key components to nourishment are hydration, minerals, and balanced nourishment.


Hydrating these days is difficult. Our tap water is full of chlorine, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, & more. These add to our bodies overall toxin load and can do more harm than good. They are directly connected to things like cancer, fertility issues, and autoimmune disease. “Drink a gallon of water a day” is the go to for diet culture. But have you ever thought about the quality of that water? Having a good water filter is necessary to hydrating effectively. We use a Berkey at home and in the salon. This filter removes 99.9% of water pollution, even fluoride! 

Our body needs water. Our cells need water to thrive & reproduce. Hydrating the inside of your body will help in hydrating the outside.  Water (and fat) helps carry nutrients to the cells. Just be careful not to drink an obscene amount of water, as you could flush your body’s minerals out of your system. 8-10 glasses a day is a great start. I personally don’t recommend a gallon a day, but I’m no expert here. I do know your pee should be a light yellow, not clear! 

Work on hydrating your hair from the inside out by drinking quality water! 

MINERALS (& vitamins)

Your hair NEEDS minerals to grow. Vitamins A, D, K2, C, & the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, biotin, zinc, & iodine. 

Woah that’s a lot. Here’s my take on how to get the most minerals. So much of our foods are lacking in minerals these days. Our ancestors got minerals from eating “nose to tail” which is where non of the animal they butchered is wasted. They would eat the organs, muscles, bone (ground into powder & used like jello), tongue, feet, & even the blood! The liver, kidneys, brain and heart are some of the most nutrient dense parts of the animal, but now those organs just get tossed in the trash at the butcher. 

I personally won’t be consuming any organ meat, except maybe liver. Some people can get passed the idea of eating a heart, but I just can not! Kudos to you if you can! So in order to get minerals in, I started taking some supplements. 

Im not big on pushing supplements for people, but I noticed a huge difference in my hair growth personally when I started taking these supplements. 

Desiccated beef liver


Grass fed beef collagen

I had lost a bunch of hair from Covid & our miscarriages. It was awful. But when I started these supplements regularly, I started to see a ton of regrowth! 

Minerals aren’t just important for hair growth but also for a thriving life! Spend time in the sun for vitamin D, eat grass fed beef liver for iron, zinc & copper! Get shilajit, known as mountain meth to some people, to get fulvic and humic acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, nickel, potassium, manganese, silicon, silver, sodium, sulfur, iodine and so much more. 

BALANCED Nourishment 

You need protein, fat, carbs, & fiber to help your hair grow & grow healthy. Your hair is literally MADE OF PROTEIN. Fat helps carry nutrients to your cells. Carbs are the fuel that your body runs on, all of its functions are facilitated by carbohydrates. Lastly, fiber is what helps pull toxins out of your body. “Fiber makes you poop” and that’s great and all, but it actually grabs a hold of excess estrogen, toxins & junk and helps your body get rid of that waste. 

Our lives are full of toxins and pollutants that cause cancer, sickness, infertility, autoimmune disease and more. When your body isn’t nourished well & it’s focused on fighting these ailments, it most definitely isn’t focused on healthy hair, skin, or nails. 

People will ask me, “what shampoo will help my hair grow?” & the truth is, if you don’t have these building blocks in place, shampoo will do nothing for you but clean your scalp. 

Hydration, minerals, & balanced nourishment will help your hair grow, & grow healthy. 

Let me know what you learned from this blog post! I hope it helped you! If there is something that stood out to you and you want to share, tag me, @devasjourney, & let me know what you learned! 

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