Bailey's services

Bailey is an apprentice stylist and is in a learning phase! This means she may ask for or receive guidance from another stylist during your appointment. 

Don't let this keep you from booking with her! She is SO talented and fully capable of giving you an amazing mani, pedi, and DON'T FORGET to book the nail art add on service with her!!!  

Classic Manicure              $30

Gel Manicure.                    $35

Gel x Extensions               $65


Gel Mani with Removal     $45

Detox Pedicure                 $75

Spa Manicure                   $35

Spa Pedicure                    $55

Haircut + Blowout                       $45
Radiant Treatment                    $75
Classic Treatment                     $60
Serendipity (Blowout/Style)       $25
Girls Cut (12 and Under)            $20

style, treat, trim

Classic Pedicure               $45

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Gel x Extensions            $65
Gel Manicures               $35
Gel Mani w/ Removal    $45
Classic Manicure          $30
Spa Manicure               $35
Detox Pedicure              $75
Spa Pedicure                $55
Classic Pedicure           $45


style, treat, trim

Haircut + Blowout                       $45
Radiant Treatment                    $75
Classic Treatment                     $60
Serendipity (Blowout/Style)       $25
Girls Cut (12 and Under)            $20

I'm here to help        show up
better today than you did yesterday.

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I have learned that making someone feel valued and special, helps fill a hole that the person hasn’t had filled for a long time. It can really brighten up someone’s day and make them feel special.

Which is the EXACT goal of a service with me. Yes your nails or haircut will look AMAZING but your heart will be filled and that's the priority! 

As a nail artist, I fully believe in making sure my clients are respected, loved and cared for. When you sit in my chair, you are the only thing that matters.

Hey hey! I'm Bailey!

Everyone struggles with something, even I do. It is so important that we can lift someone’s day up by doing even a small act of kindness.My favorite part of being a cosmetologist is meeting all kinds of new people. Hearing their stories, where they came from, and also how they are as a person. When people share a bit about themselves, it is almost eye opening how each of us is different. And to me, that is so cool to see how people work.

 Ever since I can remember, I have really struggled with my anxiety. It was so hard for me to open up to people and tell people how I feel. Or even just saying hello to someone as I was passing by. 

I was blessed with a person who created a safe space for me to just relax and be stress free. It is my goal to make sure that I create a safe space for you! 

Be you!

Everyday we are influenced by different people, whether that is good or bad. As we get influenced by a person, sometimes we change who we are to fit in. But I can promise you that changing who you are is not as good as being who you are now. You are humble, worthy, and so much more. Stay true to who you are

When I am not in the salon, I am probably doing my own nails or drawing on canvases to hang up on my wall at home. As much as I do that a lot, I am also hanging out with my friends and family. I love to play card games and just sit and talk with them. 

outside of the salon